The Dog Meat Festival must end

Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an annual event held in Yulin, China every June wherein over 10,000 dogs were being killed brutally for human consumption for 10 days.

Campaigners say the practice is cruel and a petition has amassed 2.6 million signatures calling for it to be banned, but local government officials say it is organised by private businesses and they are unable to prevent it.


Vendors of the dog meat say the animals are killed in a humane way, but those who oppose the event say dogs are caged with other animals and are either skinned alive or bludgeoned to death in public before being turned into meat and sold on the street.

Many of the dogs that are killed are stolen household pets or are watchdogs of rural families. Allowing this Dog Meat Festival to happen is like endorsing dog theft that supplies the dog meat industry which is by the way, against the law.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is also a dangerous food safety issue. Many dogs are transported from other cities in cramped lorries and unsanitary conditions, allowing diseases to spread easily that will further bring harm to the person who will eat the meat of the dog.. In addition, dogs which were being sold on the market were mostly sick, poisoned and dying animals. According to campaign group Stop Yulin Forever, dogs are denied to eat food and drink water for days during their trip.

We appeal to you to act in the interest of public health, food safety, animal welfare, and the image of Guangxi and China. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a business operation that undermines the national and public interest. The Dog Meat Festival must end.


Time is ticking and the massive killing of dogs is expected to take place year after year so we must get our voices united and raised not just to save the lives but save the hope in humanity – to be part of a compassionate world where we all come together to stand up and speak out for all innocent life, not just the life of humanity. By signing the petition below, you are not only joining a global movement with like-minded people who wants to eradicate this heinous festival and trade which is happening in China but you are also helping those animals to be slaughtered brutally.

Petition: Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!


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