Post 18th Birthday Celebration

Bonjour! I’m back and welcome back to my blog! If you’re new to my blog, you are more than welcome to read my first blog post and it would be amazing if you would follow me! Anyway, let’s go to the topic of today’s blog post…

My Post 18th Birthday Celebration!

If you remember from my first and previous post, I mentioned that I had just turned eighteen last December 20, 2016. I also mentioned that I spent it with my bestfriends and family, so today I will be talking about our trip to LAIYA, BATANGAS! Spoiler Alert: This is a really long story! 😂


For my post 18th birthday celebration, my friends, family, and I headed to Batangas and checked in at Acuaverde Beach Resort. It’s a little off the road and it took us almost 4 and a half hours to get there from Novaliches, Quezon City. About a few minutes away from the resort, it started to pour a little and we were a bit worried that it would rain but then again, we noticed that it was raining on one side of the car and it was bright and sunny on the other. It was hilarious! 😂 It sounds impossible but it isn’t. So anyway, as soon as we got there my mom got down first to check us in while the rest of us stayed in the car. Mom came back almost immediately and told us that the room which my friends and I would be sleeping in is already ready but their room wasn’t, so we all went to our room first.


It was grand! There were only three of us because Jesse wasn’t allowed by her parents to go (she’s only 16 lol) but even so, we video called her so she wouldn’t feel left out.


After messing around a bit, I opened Jesse’s gift which Shai brought and squealed like a little girl that I am when I saw it! It was a white and pink pegacorn onesie. I immediately wore it and pranced around while they recorded and posted it on snapchat.

After that we ate burgers and waited for awhile before heading down to the beach.


The place was a paradise! The water was nice and cool, the sun was out, and it was peaceful.


There weren’t many people because who goes to the beach on December? Well maybe except for us and those who really do live near the beach but anyway, it was just breathtaking.


We went back up to change into our swimsuits, put on some sunscreen and headed back to the pristine, crystal waters. We played around and asked my brother, Brendon, to take pics of us. After awhile we got tired and went back to our room to change.


We went down and played with the darts, table tennis, and football that was by the bar which no one played with. I’m absolutely terrible at playing table tennis so I just watched as Cy and Shai play even though Cy was just learning from Shai’s “expertise”. We had dinner with my parents, brother, and cousin which was, again, amazing. The food was in a buffet style and it was incredibly delicious.


After the main course, the staff came out with a cake and pink balloon and sang me a ‘Happy Birthday’ song. The whole place applauded as I blew out the candle.

Then, we walked back to the beachside where there was a bonfire and enjoyed the star-filled sky. Brendon went to the bar to get us some drinks and brought it to us and took a picture of the three of us. We went back to our room as soon as we finished our bottle of drink and watched t.v. while eating chips.

It was about 11 pm when we got bored and decided to head out to the playing area. We caught Brendon and Francis playing table tennis terribly and they stopped after awhile. Cy and Shai played for a few minutes before giving up and headed over to the football table. It was Cy and I versus Shai. We were tying up for the first few minutes but the disadvantages of playing solo caught up and Shai was down for a few points. Francis joined us and teamed up with Shai and the game became more intense! We paused the game because I needed to get something from the room so Brendon substituted for me. I came back to a really intense and sweating bunch of teens and not-so teens 😂

We wrapped up the night by 12-ish or so and finally went back to hit the sack. We were sleepy and tired but ecstatic.


I woke up earlier than the others and went out to the balcony to enjoy the view. I could see my mom getting her picture taken down by the beach. Cy joined me after awhile and we watched as the sun rose. Shai woke up and joined us a little later and we decided to head down to the beach. We walked around for a few and went back to the room to change into our swim wear. We got our pictures taken again and we all ate our breakfast. Again, food was great and we were really full.

After waiting for some minutes, Cy and Shai headed back to the beach to swim while I stayed to get my pictures taken. A little while later they started shouting for me to come over. As soon as I was walking towards them, they pulled me into the cool water! We were playing around and laughing a lot especially at the fact that Shai still isn’t comfortable with her feet touching the sand.

We saw a motorboat pull in a banana boat and the guy who was pulling in the boat said that we can ride for free if we ask the guy on the motorboat. We were too shy and ended up not asking.


Just then, we dried off for a little while and had pictures taken again while my dad arranged for us to get a water activity.


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