First Ever Blog Post

Bonjour! Christine here and welcome to my very first blog post! I’m ecstatic, and at the same time, nervous to be entering the world of blogging. Last December 20, I turned 18 years old (hurrah!) and I decided to plan on creating my dream of blogging into reality. I’ve always wanted to start a blog because I really wanted to share my thoughts and adventures with other people.

This post will be more on about my interests. You’ll see in my bio that I’m into modeling and a bunch of stuff. I do like modeling from time to time because not only is the pay good, but it also makes me feel more confident and boosts my self-esteem. Another thing I’m into is traveling. I travel around the Philippines with my family every summer, especially to our province. For my debut, I spent it with my closest friends and my family at a beach resort in Batangas. More about that adventure on the next blog post.


I was inspired by some fashion blogger to create my very own blog which also means that I’m into fashion. I’m not a professional model, but becoming exposed to the modeling world also gave me a better sense of style. I would always want to look presentable when I’m going out, but at the same time I want to slay like Kendall Jenner always does.


Now, because I modeled a few times, I’ve also been in front of the camera. I can proudly say that I’m confident and always ready to strike a pose, but I also love being behind it. My brother took Visual Communication, Major in Fine Arts back in his college days and he was great with the camera. He taught me the basics and also taught me how to make amazing shots. Of course, again, I’m not a professional, but I can definitely say I’m really good. Here’s a sample for you: 16111877_120300001654480738_666217113_n

Last but not least, make up! I can never go out without my eyebrows being on fleek. It just seems like my world would be weird and different if I didn’t have nice brows. Apart from that, I love collecting lipsticks of different shades. My closest friends (Jesse, Shai, and Cy) and I would spend a lot of time at different make up stores and stalls, swatching almost every shade we could see! We even have our fair share of lippies that are in the same shade just so we could match and of course because the shades were perfect for the four of us.


So that’s about it, I think this was a bit too long but I hope you liked it and you found some common interests with me. If you did like it, please follow and leave a comment down below and let me know what YOUR interests are! 💋


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